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How to buy?

We provide the best service for every buyer.

We are manufacturers and we accept retail and wholesale

The cheapest way to buy :

1. If your location is in North America, please click: amazon US station

2. If your location is in Europe, please click: amazon UK station

3. If you are outside the above two areas, please purchase directly from this website, and we will deliver the goods directly


If you are a wholesale retailer:

We provide, brand agent, OEM, ODM, product sample design and production, product packaging and other services

1.Contact us directly.

2. Enter our alibaba store: Alibaba Store


How to buy?

1.Add the product to the cart

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2.Add all product you want to the cart,than go to your cart

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3.Check your cart,and Fill in your real Name, Address and Phone number,this is the most important!

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It is very important that write all information about Name, Address and Phone Number!




4.Check you information and Ready To complete the payment


Click proced to paypal 

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Login your Paypal and complete the payment

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