10m invisible night vision covert hidden radio alarm clock camera with motion activated dvr/WiFi clock


10m invisible night vision covert hidden radio alarm clock camera with motion activated dvr/WiFi clock


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During the day, this Night Vision Covert Clock Radio Hidden Camera records clear high resolution color video. In the dark, it switches on invisible IR Illuminators that allows the video to record up to 10m in a completely dark room.

The alarm clock hidden camera with internal DVR is our best-selling hidden camera to date. This workhorse of our fleet of surveillance equipment has evolved from simple, hardwired systems to internal recording to night vision with wireless streaming you see today. If you need to monitor an area in your home or office this is hands-down one of the best. Full-color, motion activated video is stored to an internal DVR that boasts features mostly reserved for professional digital video recorders.

D1 Pre-Record: Motion activated DVR’s take 2-3 seconds to start recording after motion is detected. If a subject is walking past the camera view quickly, they will likely be missed entirely. Pre-Record eliminates that possibility by adding 6 seconds of pre video to each motion activated event file before motion is triggered. Even fast moving subjects are captured on video, with seconds to spare.

Your time and date stamped video is stored to a SD memory card for viewing on your PC. You can also attach the included RCA cable to the video input on your TV to review what you recorded. Fully customizable features allow you to get the most out of this alarm clock hidden camera.


What Does It Do?

Captures Motion Activated Video At 720 x 240 Resolution

Stores the Video to a Hidden SD Memory Card

Goes into Standby Mode When No Motion Is Present

How Does It Work? 

A High-Resolution Sony Video Camera Is Always on Waiting for Movement

When Movement Is Detected The Internal DVR Activates until Movement Stops

Review The Record Video On Your PC Or on Your TV With the Included Cables



Video Recorder Resolution – 720 x 240

Recording Quality 4 Levels – adjustable (Super, High, Normal, Standard)

30 Frames Per Second (Adjustable 1 to 30)

150 User Selectable Motion Grids

Schedule Recording

Use up to a 32GB SD Card – 2GB Card Included

Embedded Video Time and Date Stamp



H.264 ideo Compression – Fits more video into each file without losing quality.

720 X 480 High Resolution – Captures Amazing Video

Supports up to a 32GB SDHC SD Card

3 Recording Modes: Continuous, Motion, Schedule

4 Record Quality Levels: Super, High, Normal, Standard

PC Cmpatible: Windows XP, Vista 32bit, Windows 7 32 and 64 bit.

Why This Camera?

This hidden camera designed to look like an alarm clock is the choice of thousands of our customers for obvious reasons. It’s economical price coupled with its full feature list makes this option a no-brainer. Use it anywhere you want to capture hidden camera footage. If you need night vision or wireless Internet access to your camera we have those choices as well.

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